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Cheap UK web hosting, Cloud hosting & CloudLinux/Litespeed plans from 73p

litespeed cloudlinux web hosting

Traditional Hosting

CloudLinux Hosting
With traditional shared hosting, you and thousands of other clients are all crammed into an underpowered, oversold server, all using the same server resources.

Since there's no isolation between the websites, everyone shares the same resources and services, which rapidly multiplies the "bad neighbour" effect. This is compounded with traffic spikes, inefficient coding, compromised sites sending out spam etc.
Our CloudLinux hosting service, available from replaces traditional shared hosting by using CloudLinux, an operating system which was designed specifically to address the issues of traditional shared hosting.

CloudLinux makes use of virtualisation technology to create isolation between websites on a shared server, giving you piece of mind that your website is protected from other sites on the same server.
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cloudlinux cheap hosting packages
uk web hosting on cloudlinux and litespeed servers
"Cheap UK web hosting with pay monthly plans on LiteSpeed web servers fly up to 6 x faster than the old fashion Apache web servers. LiteSpeed surpasses well respected content accelerators including boa, thttpd and TUX.

With traditional web servers, a very busy single account can consume all server resources which can eventually bring down the server.

CloudLinux isolates each account in it's own container and limits server resource to one core. In a case where one cheap UK web hosting account is extremely busy, only the busy website will slow down under its load whilst all other websites will deliver content normally.

No more downtime for any of our cheap UK web hosting packages because another client on the same shared server has not kept his password secure or has not updated his Wordpress software.

CloudLinux pay monthly hosting plans include the popular cPanel to manage your accounts, RV Sitebuilder to build your website and every cheap UK web hosting account is CloudFlare ready for even greater security and faster page loads."

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more details about cloudlinux and litespeed web hosting order cloudlinux hosting account

Need a Windows Hosting Account?

If you are writing in ASP or you need to run Windows specific applilcations,
then we can also help you with a pay monthly hosting plan!

cheap uk cloud web hosting windows linux

Service for all our cheap UK web hosting packages are provided by a genuine Cloud system for both Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting requirements. Shared Cloud hosting is an alternative to our CloudBaron service as it receives its recourses from multiple access points in the cloud and it is not possible for one busy website to hog all resources to slow down or take other websites offline.

With a very reliable 99.99% uptime, Cloud hosting is ideal for those who expect to operate busy websites and mission critical websites.

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You may not be looking for a pay monthly cheap UK web hosting plan and have specific requirements which are not included in the plans which are advertised by us or other hosting companies. Such hosting plans which are taylored to suit your needs exactly are referred to as bespoke hosting plans, or bespoke hosting. We can accommodate you with these.

Such hosting solutions can be based on a shared, semi dedicated or dedicated hosting service utilising scripting which is produced for you as a stand-alone application to accomplish your needs.

A senior member of our staff can discuss this with you. Just let us know, and he/she will give you a call. In some cases we can also visit your office.

Need more information regarding our cheap UK web hosting packages,
Cloud web hosting for Windows and Linux or more information on the
Litespeed webserver with CloudLinux web hosting plans.
Email us your phone number and we'll call you back.
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